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SYAL-R (Aka leon regal) born in Paris, he´s one of the best producer, dj, remixer and songwriter in France. He´s started classical piano when he was 6 years old. A litlte bit later ( 10 Y.old) , the genius got 2 prices from Leopold Bellan Music Conservatory of Paris…..years later he has been working with a couple of studios in the world and learned sound engineering at EMC MALAKOFF PARIS.

  • Most Producing stuff From SYAL-R : He was Mix engineer and Keyboard Programming of Papa Linley album named : « COME TOGETHER ». A couple of mix in France and cooperation with « BUSTAFUNK » UNIVERSAL Paris « FUNKYTONE » ; Paulo Goude (Raggae/ Grace JONES Sonn) ; Charles Jackotin ; Iman Tabassomi (TF1-FRANCE – MORPHOZ) ; Francois FOURLIN ; Othello (New-York) ; Timothy Touchton ; PUFO ; Curt CRESS (PILOT S.) ; DORIAN GRAY STUDIO ; Joby VALENTE Club mix (Sony Music) ; Anita Wards mix with Arnaud ROSENBLATT ; Roachford (LONDON) Aka ; Movie « FAIS MOI DES VACANCES » Original tape (France 2 et Canal +) ; mix MC.Solaar in CAPPELLA studio ; Torrey Jr. ; Remix for Chris Brann ……… Work also @ GENIUS GROUP PRODUCTIONS with the Artists « TAMIKA », « FENOMIAN « , « D-BLAZE » and MORPHOZ CONTINENTAL (Paris) for « KING STEPPERZ » and « STELLA ».


Dj and Beatmaker, mixed in many clubs in europe,France ,Belgium ,Germany,Greece … :

  • Aftershows of Mary J Blige,Mc Lyte, Fabolous…
    – Worked with the world famous DJ’s such as : Cut killer,Jazzy Jeff, Abdel,Tony Touch,Goldfingers…
    – Remixed some Tracks of: David Guetta,Snoop Dogg,Chris Brown,Robin Thicke, Jeremiah…

All the stuff you need : C.L.R. The Good Sound for Everybody…!!!